We are Freedombulls and together with our Leavitt Bulldogs we live in Amsterdam.

We breed only the Leavitt Bulldogs the most original Old English Bulldog.

We love all Bulldog types but in particular the Leavitt Bulldog.

The Leavitt Bulldog is the oldest and most original Old English Bulldog.

The Leavitt bulldog is known for his ability to work, please and play and is fantastic with kids.

You can easily take a Leavitt Bulldog for a long walk or go rollerblading or other athletics sports.

You will find us on a daily basis running around the woods of Amsterdam.

In the woods we will socialize, train and play our Leavitt Bulldogs.  

Because we became very fond of this breed we joined the Leavitt Bulldog Association .

This is the breeds club who still after 40 years is run by David Leavitt himself.

He is still on a daily basis looking to improve the breed.

David Leavitt created in 1970, the Old English Bulldog (OEB) that was the name he had invented initially for his creation today Leavitt Bulldog. 

Our Leavitt bulldogs are ideal for things like obedience and flyball but also for many other sports.

They are also suitable as the ideal house dog and family pet.

We will never breed with dogs who show or have showed inherited diseases .

Please know!!!! That they living animals and sometimes nature can surprise us.

We will do everything to rule out problems but sometimes it nature will take its course.

We screen our dogs at 24 months of age and females will be bred for the first time when they are 2 years or older.

We X-ray the hips (HD), elbows (ED) and back for (spondylosis) and only breed after approval from the LBA and the OFA.

If you have any questions please feel free to asked at leavittbulldogs@gmail.com

Kind regards Barry and Cindy

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Amsterdam Noord , Nederland

About Us.

At Freedombulls, we are passionate about dog training and assisting owners in building a strong bond with their four-legged companions.

We have years of experience and we use only positive training methods to promote the desired behaviors.

We believe that training not only enhances obedience but also contributes to the well-being and freedom of the dog.

At Freedombulls, our goal is to help every dog reach their full potential and lead a happy and healthy life.