Breeding Announcements

Dear Bulldog enthusiasts and friends,

We are thrilled to announce a much-anticipated breeding at Freedombulls will be coming

A breeding that promises to redefine excellence in the world of Leavitt Bulldogs.

Our commitment to breeding healthy, strong, and extraordinary Bulldogs has led us to this exciting moment in the near furture.

With carefully selected breeding pairs, top-notch genetic screening, and a passion for the breed, we are dedicated to producing Bulldogs that are second to none.

Our puppies will be making their debut, and we can't wait to share their remarkable qualities with you.

We invite you to keep a close eye on our updates and announcements.

Your support and interest mean the world to us.

So, please, check in with us from time to time to follow the journey of these exceptional Leavitt Bulldogs.

We promise you won't want to miss the chance to welcome one of our exceptional puppies into your life.

Thank you for willing to be a part of the Freedombulls family.

Stay tuned for updates and be a part of this incredible breeding journey.


Warmest regards,
Cindy and Barry

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